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Win one of our Radon Screening Test Kits:

Updated: Jul 7

Title: Celebrate Our 8th Birthday with A Social Media Competition!


As our Family run business celebrates its 8th Birthday, we are excited to celebrate this milestone with our local community. To mark the occasion, we have created a special competition campaign aimed at raising awareness about radon contamination in affected areas. In this blog post, we will outline the details of the competition and how you can participate to win one of our x8 Radon test kits.

The Importance of Radon Testing:

Radon, a colourless and odourless gas, is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep into homes and buildings. It is known to be a leading cause of lung cancer, second only to smoking. With this in mind, it is crucial for individuals living in radon affected areas to test their homes for this harmful gas.

Competition Details:

To encourage radon testing and create awareness about the issue of radon gas, we are hosting a social media competition. The competition will be open to residents in radon affected areas, and the prize will be one of our Radon Screening Test Kits, which includes two detectors, worth £39.60.

How to Participate:

1. Visit our website at this link to learn more about the Radon Screening Test Kit we are giving away:

2. Follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social Media Tags:

3. Share our competition post on your social media profile, including a few words explaining why radon testing is important to you and your family.

4. Tag two friends who you think should also be aware of the radon issue.

Competition Rules:

1. The competition is open to residents in the following radon affected areas. (All postcodes in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Rutland).

2. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

3. Only one entry per person is allowed.

4. The competition will run throughout July 2024.

5. Winners will be selected at random and notified via direct message on the respective social media platform.

6. The x8 Radon test kits will be sent to the winners via post.


As we celebrate our 8th birthday, we want to give back to our local community by raising awareness about the importance of radon testing. By participating in our social media competition, you could win one of our x8 Radon test kits, valued at £39.60.

Take this chance to ensure the safety of your home and protect your loved ones from the potential dangers of radon gas. Together, let's make our radon affected areas safer and healthier!

Note: This blog post is part of our ongoing commitment to educating and empowering our customers.

Stay tuned for more informative content and exciting initiatives as we continue to prioritise your well-being.


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