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Sump Installation:

Our engineers have many years of experience in designing and installing radon mitigation sump systems to successfully reduce radon levels to an acceptable concentration.

Radon sumps are a very effective means of reducing indoor radon concentrations. Their performance relies upon the sump creating the lowest point of pressure beneath the building and being located in the best place to serve the entire footprint. A property survey is conducted prior to installation.


If the property is large, or has been extended over time, then more than one sump may be required.


How Is The Radon Sump Installed? The vast majority of retrofit sumps are installed from outside the building by drilling through an external wall into the fill beneath the foundations and there is no disruption to floors or decoration inside. Works are typically completed in one to two days.

Radon sump installation

Our Radon protection Engineer using Diamond core equipment during a radon sump installation

For more information on how a Radon Sump  can reduce radon levels in your Property.

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Radon extraction fan

An example of a radon extraction fan in white installed at a property in Derbyshire.

Radon Mitigation – Active sumps:
One of the most commonly used methods of reducing radon in the UK is a radon sump. This well tried and tested technique has been used throughout the industry for many years and is an extremely effective method of reducing indoor radon levels.

 Sumps are constructed from the outside of the property. All of our radon sump systems are individually designed according to the property and existing radon levels. The cost of a radon sump installation varies according to the size, layout and history of the property, construction materials, existing electrical connections, whether there are any specific aesthetic considerations (for example if the building is Listed) as well as the equipment needed.

Active radon sumps are powered by an electric fan and they will reduce even the highest radon levels.

The associated Pipework and externally rated radon extraction fan is available in black or white and is typically installed on an outside wall of the building exhausting the gas safely into the atmosphere.

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Methods to reduce the level of radon in your home vary in their complexity, long-term effectiveness, and cost although typically, a single sump will be adequate for an average sized building. We strongly recommend that every radon control system is installed by a Radon Protection UK professional. A retrospective radon mitigation sump can vary dependent upon site specific conditions such a property layout, construction, size and electrical supply. A site survey will be carried out to establish firm costs and a Radon Protection Uk Engineer will explain all the options available.

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Start your journey to a safer and healthier tomorrow, today.

Black radon extraction fan

An example of a radon extraction fan in black installed at a property in Brixworth Northamptonshire

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