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Commercial & Business Radon

Assisting Schools, Hospitals, Local Authorities, Care Homes and all other Commercial Properties

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The number of detectors required depends upon the size, layout and usage of the building, and Radon Protection can advise on this.

What do our radon test results mean within our school? 

The Government (UK Health Security Agency) has set guideline limits for radon in schools, named Action Levels. These are the point at which radon remedial action should be taken to lower radon concentrations. There are different Action Levels for homes and workplaces. The workplace Action Level is 300 Bq/m3 and if a non-domestic building contains levels higher than this, the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) apply. Under this legislation, the employer must take steps to reduce employees’ exposure to the hazard. This can be achieved by either restricting access or, more practically, reducing the radon concentration via the installation of a radon mitigation system. A suitable Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) must be appointed and consulted where the workplace Action Level is exceeded.

What is a radon mitigation system? 
The two main methods of reducing high radon levels are radon sumps and positive pressure systems. A survey is required to determine which system will be the most appropriate and effective by a Radon Protection Engineer.

Radon Protection UK work with local authorities, academy schools and independent schools across the country to assist with radon compliance.


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Radon Protection work closely with Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Whether you need to know if any of the houses in your Local Authority are in a radon Affected Area, want to find out more about your responsibilities to your tenants or as an employer or need guidance on managing large property portfolios - Radon Protection can help.
Local Authorities have a responsibility to their tenants under Duty of Care and the Housing Act to provide a safe home.

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Working With The NHS And Private Hospitals

Radon Protection UK has been asked to test for radon gas, investigate and assess the risk and affect of the presence of  radon gas within a portfolio of hospital buildings belonging to NHS and private Hospitals.

We have conducted comprehensive surveys at each location and the hazards discovered, details of mitigating factors already in place and an outline of what is  
recommended to further reduce present and future risks from the presence of radon gas

Management Of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999


NHS and Private Hospitals have a duty under the Management of Health and Safety at Work   Regulations 1999 to identify hazards and reduce risks to staff, contractors and visitors. Radon, being a radioactive gas, brings a risk to  health when people are subject to elevated levels of radiation produced by the gas. Radon should continue to form part of any annual review of risks.Checking fans on existing remedial systems are running efficiently, should be added to standard maintenance on the property.

The workplace radon risk assessment must include radon testing in the following scenarios:


  *Above ground workplaces:If the building is located in a radon affected area as identified by the radon map.


  *Below ground workplaces:If the building has a basement or other partly-below ground area that is occupied         for an average of 1 hour per week or more, regardless of location.


If the workplace has a basement where people spend over 1 hour a week you must test for radon wherever you are in the UK. If the workplace is above ground and within a designated ‘affected area’ it should also be tested for radon.Due to radon gas being a naturally occurring phenomenon through the natural breakdown of radium contained within the earths rocks, one must not make assumptions. Two buildings side by side may have entirely different radon levels, therefore all premises must be tested on any site where radon is suspected.


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