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Sarah Clarke

Sarah has years of experience in advising on indoor air quality and ensuring safe and comfortable living within properties including advice on Radon Gas safety, testing and mitigation. Sarah spends her time advising homeowners, tenants, schools, etc on mitigating against high levels of radon.

Sarah quotes ‘’It is important to offer advice to property owners on issues relating to radon gas and the challenges this brings with it and it’s effects on health and in particular, safe and effective mitigation This includes residential, commercial, government, schools, offices and new builds.’’

Sarah is a Director of Radon Protection UK and thrives on advising clients and assisting on appointments to survey properties to find the best and most accurate radon mitigation system for the property and environment concerned.

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Lee Whittington

Lee spends his days carrying out surveys on existing properties and buildings and designing effective mitigation solutions for our clients.

Basing his designs on many factors including practicality of installation, together with the becquerel levels experienced, Lee prides himself on his success rate for bringing radon levels down to well below client expectations.

Lee installs radon mitigation systems to existing properties and commercial buildings and where necessary incorporates air and radon control and also advises on testing projects across large property portfolios and commercial buildings.

Every radon remediation system designed by Lee is tailored to suit each individual building. Radon Protection UK have successfully remediated buildings of all types and sizes. Our clients include private homeowners, Tenants, Local Authorities, and Large corporations.


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 Offering installation of Radon reduction measures for existing homes/Buildings and protective measures for new homes and workspace. Our team brings a wealth of experience in reducing harmful levels of Radon gas using well proven techniques.

Radon Protection UK's aim is to bring about awareness of the damage and risks associated with Radon Gas. We offer all services from the supply and analysis of Radon test kits, right through to the installation of Radon mitigation systems.


Based on the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire border, we are well placed to help test or solve your Radon gas related problem. Our clients include: private Home Owners, Estate Agents, Developers, Builders, Solicitors and Landlords.

We provide a property survey service and offer installation of Radon reduction measures for existing homes/workspace and protective measures for new homes and Buildings. We aim to reduce harmful levels of Radon gas using well proven techniques such as Radon sumps, Retrospective radon mitigation fans and Positive input ventilation.

As a provider of radon test kits and years of experience in the design and installation of radon mitigation systems, the team at Radon Protection UK are able to advise on all aspects of indoor radon exposure.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of radon between the team, we have a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of radon related concerns.

Core drill to install Radon Mitigation
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We have worked hard to gain our scores on Trust Pilot and, Google and Facebook. Radon protection UK's ethos focuses on providing our clients with a personal service from start to finish. Our expert property surveyors are on- hand to provide an accurate diagnosis of concerns you may have about your property.


We will issue a detailed yet easy-to-understand report outlining our findings and cost-effective recommendations for any remedial work that may be necessary.

We offer a complete service from the supply and analysis of Radon test kits, right through to the installation of Radon mitigation systems.

Laboratory Radon Gas Testing

Radon testing - UKHSA approved laboratory service for the measurement of radon:

We run a validated radon measurement service offering complete radon measurement kits, providing fast turnaround times and results to a high precision.

We offer radon measurement kits from a 7- 10 day screening test up to 3 months (or longer if required) validated measurement. Our kits all include one or more detectors, instructions, return slip, laboratory analysis and a report.

We also offer a large range of digital Air Quality Monitors and electronic monitoring devices. Including the Wave Plus! The first indoor air quality monitor with sensors that detect the presence of radon, as well as carbon dioxide plus total VOC’s, for the most complete monitoring system available. Please see our shop page for a full list of products.

We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have about our radon measurement service, express reporting of results or other radon related issues.



Formed in 1990, The Radon Council is the Independent non-profit making self-regulatory body for the radon protection industry. We are an approved contractor of the UK Radon council.


First rate service from Radon Protection U.K.

Radon Protection U.K. recently replaced an old and noisy fan for us. The service we received from the first contact , through making arrangements, to the eventual fitting was excellent. It was a pleasure to deal with Andy , Sarah and Lee. All were friendly , helpful and efficient .The new fan is much quieter and , thanks to Lee`s suggestion that he reposition the controls, I can now reach them easily.”

G Sellors Derbyshire. 16 Oct 2020.

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