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We're going live on the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire...

Listen out for our discussion on radon gas live on air, as one of our Co Founders Sarah Clarke talks about how radon gas affects buying and selling properties in Lincolnshire.

Radon gas forms naturally from the rocks and soil found everywhere in the UK and we will be discussing with their listeners why radon gas affects so many parts of Lincolnshire.

The Breakfast show is intended to help their listeners understand radon gas and the potential risks it might have living in a radon affected area, sometimes known as a radon gas postcode.

Buying a house is usually a very exciting time for most, but it can also be quite a stressful and complicated process. Most people often don’t hear about the term radon until it comes to buying or selling a house.

If you have any questions about What To Do if you’re Buying a House in a Radon Affected Area, please post them here or call us for advice on 0800 978 8435.

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