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Testing for radon gas

10 Day or 3 Month Passive Radon Detectors?

We supply packs of 3-month detectors and 10-day screening detectors. A 10 day test, by its’ very nature, is a snap shot however provides a useful measure in a faster period of time, for instance when purchasing a new property.

A 3 month test provides more reliable results and in most cases, tests for this length of time can be seasonally adjusted and annualised to provide much clearer radon readings.

For a standard house, a kit of two detectors will be required so that one detector can be placed in a ground floor living room and one in a first floor bedroom. To read more about our radon test kits or to place an order, visit Radon Protection UK. Radon Protection UK installs radon mitigation systems in homes.

You can get in touch with our team of radon experts by calling 0800 978 8435.

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