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Radon Gas Rutland, Oakham and Stamford:

Radon Gas - Rutland Areas in Rutland have high concentrations of radon gas. Radon Gas is a natural radioactive gas which decays into other radioactive species, all of which cause human exposure to radiation. It comes from the minute amounts of uranium present in all earth materials such as rocks, soils, brick and concrete. When the radon concentration is high, it does pose a serious risk to your health. Radon gas is created when natural radioactive uranium slowly decays in the ground under our homes and seeps to the surface. Because of the way we heat and ventilate our homes, some radon gets indoors through the floor. This is where we get most of our radon exposure. To test your property or building for radon gas - call Radon Protection on 0800 978 8435. All orders include detectors, return envelope and instructions on where / how to place. (Our laboratory is validated by PHE now the UK Health Security Agency)

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