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Radon Gas in Northampton

Radon Gas in Northampton

Here at Radon Protection UK, we offer radon testing and radon mitigation for reducing radon gas in Northampton and Northamptonshire and all of the UK. Radon can not be seen, smelt or touched but is responsible for over 1,100 deaths from lung cancer which is only behind smoking.

Radon Testing in Northampton

From the radon map, there are high concentration levels of radon in Radon, however, the only true way to know if you have radon at the property is to purchase a radon test kit or digital radon detectors online.

There are two types of detectors that can be purchased. There is the 10 day radon detector which is normally used by someone who is looking to sell or purchase a property and needs quick results. The 3 month radon test kit provides more accurate readings, which is what we would always recommend and is validated by Public Health England, now the UK Health Security Agency.

Placement Of the Radon Detectors

The detectors should be placed both in the living room or the bedroom of the property, which means one should be on the ground and one of the first floor.

The reason for doing this is that these are normally the areas where you spend the most time in. If it is a commercial building then the detectors should be placed in other areas of the property.

How To Know If My Property in Northampton Has High Radon Levels?

The unit used for measuring radon is called Becquerels. The average for households in the UK is 20 Bq/m3 and the target level approved by Public Health England (UKHSA) is 100 Bq/m3. If the radon levels are below the target level then it is not a cause for concern.

However, if you have had radon testing carried out at the property and the readings show that it is over the target level then remediation works will need to be carried out to reduce this. Please call Radon Protection UK on 0800 978 8435 or email:

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