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Positive Pressure Systems

Another method of radon reduction, Positive Input Ventilation (PIV), involves the installation of a special fan in an attic or loft or on the internal side of an external wall if a roof void is not present.

The fan draws clean air into the property and disperses it around the property to very gently pressurise the building.

In doing so, this will inhibit radon from the soil from being ‘sucked’ inside, meaning radon levels can be safely reduced.

Maintenance Of Positive Input Ventilation Units:

Positive input ventilation units incorporate a filter that can get clogged with dirt, reducing the airflow through the fan. Not only does this affect the performance of the unit, but it can also ultimately lead to the motor burning out and requiring complete replacement.

Whilst most PIVs come with manufacturer’s guarantees, this is usually contingent on the filter being cleaned or changed regularly.

Radon Protection UK installs radon mitigation systems in homes.

You can get in touch with our team of radon experts by calling 0800 978 8435.

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