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PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) Installations:

Our Radon Protection UK engineers have many years of experience in installing Positive Input ventilation Systems (PIV’s) and successfully reducing radon levels to an acceptable concentration. A Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system improves the quality of air and reduces levels of contaminants around the home. The technology works by circulating fresh air throughout the home, ensuring there is no build up of damp or contamination that can cause harm to the building and those that live in it. PIV systems help reduce radon gas, stop condensation, mould growth and musty odours in new and existing homes by providing fresh filtered air from a central location in the home. The units are extremely reliable and low level noise and come with Heat Support and Hall Control, putting you in control of humidity levels within your home. Call Radon Protection UK on 0800 978 8435 for more information.

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