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Map reveals areas of Lincolnshire at risk from radioactive gas that causes cancer

Radon gas in Lincolnshire:

Areas of Lincolnshire have identified as high risk places for radioactive gas that can cause cancer.

Lincoln and Grantham are just two of the places in the county at risk of radon gas, which is odourless and invisible.

The gas has been attributed to around 1,100 lung cancer deaths every year and has been responsible for more premature deaths than drink-driving and workplace accidents combined.

Radon gas is formed by radioactive decay of the small amounts of uranium which occur naturally in all rocks and soils.

The dust gets trapped in our airways which then emits radiation that damages our lungs.

Damage caused by the radiation can increase our risk of lung cancer – much similar to the damage caused by smoking.

Radon levels are generally safe outside but can build indoors to levels deemed to be a risk to our health.

Our map reveals that areas of Lincolnshire are at high-risk due to the gas.

The only way to know if your property is affected by radon is to purchase a radon test kit online via our Radon Shop. If you are purchasing a property in the Lincolnshire area then a 10 day radon detector would be the best option. If you are not constricted on time then a 3 month radon test kit will be more beneficial as it provides more accurate test results.

If you would like more information from a radon expert then you can get in touch on 0800 978 8435

(Image: Public Health England)

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