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Buying or selling a house in a radon area?

UK Health Security Agency recommends that radon levels should be reduced in homes where the average is more than 200 becquerels per metre cubed (200 Bq m-3). This recommendation has been endorsed by the Government.

If you are buying or selling a property in a radon area, you may wish to carry out a short term test. We offer a 7- 10 Day day test here on our shop:

or you have the option of a radon bond / retention.

A bond works by allowing the sale to proceed and the new property owner to carry out the standard 3 month radon test once in the property. Under this system, the seller and buyer agree on a sum of money that is likely to be enough to cover the cost of a typical radon remediation system should one be required. The money is taken out of the buyer’s purchase price and held by a third party (for example, a solicitor) until any remediation work is completed and a radon test result is known. Both parties sign a contract that stipulates how the bond will work and a period of time for the radon testing and remediation work can be set. Sometimes the money is released before the work is carried out to fund the remediation. Any testing and remediation work is paid for by the retention money. For the bond system to work, it must be fair to both parties. It must reflect reasonable but adequate costs. Radon Protection UK suggests that in most cases a figure of £2000-£2900 be retained. This should be enough to cover most scenarios. In most cases, the test shows radon levels below the action level, then no further action is necessary and the bond money is released to the seller. The standard radon test is 3 months and you can purchase here on our radon shop should you wish to test:

If radon levels are elevated after testing for radon, we would carry out a site survey of your property and put forward a a remedial solution to lower levels of radon within the property.

There are two main remediation techniques available: installing a radon sump - or introducing positive pressure (PIV unit).

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0800 978 8435.

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