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Radon Protection UK Services

Radon Protection UK are specialists in design, supply and installation of Radon Mitigation and Radon Protection systems. Offering installation of Radon reduction measures for existing homes and protective measures for new homes, our team brings a wealth of experience in reducing harmful levels of Radon gas using well proven techniques.

Based on the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire border, we are well placed to help test or solve your Radon gas related problem. Our clients include: private Home Owners, Estate Agents, Developers, Builders, Solicitors and Landlords.

Radon Protection UK's aim is to bring about awareness of the damage and risks associated with Radon Gas. We offer all services from the supply and analysis of Radon test kits, right through to the installation of Radon mitigation systems.

Worried about Radon in your home? - We can help:

What our customers say...

Barbara, Oakham, Rutland

We live in an area where radon levels can be quite high and after having tests done we realised the levels on our house were above the action level. With two young children and an ex-smoker in the house we were very worried. Local builders we spoke to had no idea about the gas or how to deal with it. Thankfully we found Radon Protection UK and the guys made sure we understood our options and quickly and efficiently installed a sump which has brought our levels to within acceptable levels. Most of all they have given us peace of mind.

Colin, Towcester, Northamptonshire.

We bought two home detector kits from Radon Protection UK and monitored our radon gas levels in our home. Our levels were high and we spoke to an advisor at Radon Protection UK. They came out to our home and explained our options clearly and installed extraction fans and a sump. We are now very happy with the reduced levels and would recommend Radon Protection UK to anyone else buying a home.