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Radon testing in homes

Radon can affect buildings of any age, type or size.

If you own your home, it is your own choice whether you want to test for radon and if high levels are found, whether you want to take any remedial action.

Radon testing should be carried out within the main living areas and at least one bedroom. This is to ensure that the radon concentration within the areas that are most occupied are ascertained.

In an average-sized home, two detectors will usually be sufficient (one for a living room and one for a bedroom).

If the property is very large, has a basement or has had extensions built at different points in time, more detectors may be required to gain a full picture.

Under normal circumstances, radon testing should be carried out over a three month period. This is because radon levels fluctuate constantly and to gain an accurate result, the average over several months is required.

Radon levels vary from season to season, with the highest levels usually present during the winter months. Radon testing can be carried out at any point during the year and our testing laboratory will apply a seasonal ‘correction’ factor to take account of this.

Please order online or call Radon Protection UK on 0800 978 8435 to order.

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