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Price: £269 (delivery included)

ftlab-radoneye-rd200-pic1Radon Eye RD200 is a small, low-cost radon detector for fast and accurate measurement of radon in indoor environments. It’s an excellent instrument for continuous, time-resolved and
integrating radon measurements in homes, at workplaces and in public buildings. Easy to operate
it can be used by everyone, the homeowner as well as the radon professional.
The Radon Eye records and stores measurement data in 1-hour cycles and its memory can hold data
of one year continuous operation. This radon detector provides users with detailed and precise
information about temporal radon fluctuations that are detected with fast response and in high resolution. These unique features make the Radon Eye a perfect tool for screening measurements and control measurements, for long-term
radon monitoring as well as for short-term tests, for the evaluation of radon remediation measures but also for a quick verification of ventilation effects, for radon dosimetry, experimental setups and many other applications.
ftlab-radoneye-rd200-pic3The bright OLED display of the Radon Eye provides
users with the quickest information about changing radon levels since the displayed 1-hour mean value
is updated every 10 minutes. The direct display further indicates the radon mean values of the last
day and month, the peak value and the elapsed measurement time. But, the Radon Eye can also be connected to smart phones and tablets via Bluetooth.
The cost-free app offers a clear graphic visualization of detailed measurement data, the export of data as well as the setting of the alarm level and additional parameters.

ftlab-radoneye-rd200-pic4RADON EYE MAIN FEATURES:
• Continuous, time resolved and fast measurement of indoor radon
•First accurate results available after 1 hour
•Graphic visualization of data with smart phones and tablets
• Measurement data stored as text-files (*.txt)
• Data can be exported to other applications like MS-Excel
• Easy to use, maintenance free, large memory
Technical Specifications:
• Detector: Pulsed Ionization-Chamber
• Measure: Rn-222 activity concentration
• Unit of Measure: Bq/m³
• Measurement Range: 1 – 3700 Bq/m3
• Sensitivity: 1,35 cpm/100 Bq/m3
• Accuracy of 1-hour measurement data: ±14% at 100 Bq/m³
±11% at 200 Bq/m³
±10% at 300 Bq/m³
• Display: OLED (2.4 x 1.3 cm)
ftlab-radoneye-rd200-pic6• Displayed Value: floating 1-hour mean value, updated every 10 minutes
• Data Recording: in 1-hour intervals
• Memory capacity: measurement data for 1 year continuous operation
• Communication: Bluetooth LE (Android/ iOS)
• Environmental Conditions: Temp.: 10-40 °C, Relative Humidity: <90 % • Power Supply: DC 12 Volt via mains adapter • Power Consumption: 65 mA • Dimension and Weight: diameter: 8 cm, height: 12 cm, weight: 240 g