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Booking a Radon Survey with us:

Updated: Jan 16

The first part of the survey process is checking if your home or workplace is in a radon affected area and if so, to carry out a radon test.

Once a radon test has been carried out and results have been established, if the results show there are high radon levels within the building, then a radon survey will need to be carried out to look at radon mitigation solutions to lower the levels of radon in the property.

Having a radon survey involves an experienced Radon Protection UK Engineer / Surveyor carrying out a site visit inspection of a property or building to determine what method of mitigation will be best used to reduce the high radon levels.

Why do I Need an Experienced Engineer To Carry Out The Survey?

Having a surveyor, who is experienced in radon, means that they will be able to accurately assess what type of mitigation works will be required to bring the radon levels down.

The types of remediation work that can be used vary from the installation of a radon sump to a positive pressure system (PIV). We always provide laboratory retesting after works have been carried out. 

Once retesting has been completed you will be provided with a UK Health Security Agency approved report from our laboratory, offering peace of mind that radon levels are within acceptable range of government guidelines. 


How To Book A Radon Survey?

We have experienced Engineers who have an extensive amount of knowledge on radon testing and mitigation. You can book a survey by calling 0800 978 8435.

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