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Radon Protection UK are specialists in the installation of radon mitigation systems and providers of radon gas detectors. We offer affordable radon testing kits, carry out home surveys and provide solutions to reduce radon in both new homes and existing buildings.

Services we provide include:

*Radon Gas Testing.
*Remedial Works to affected properties.
*Radon Gas Membranes and Tapes.
*Radon Sumps.
*Advice & Services involving Remedial Work for Radon Gas Reduction.

If you have concerns about the possibility of radon in your home, we provide a comprehensive, confidential and accurate radon testing and mitigation services.

Homeowners, Solicitors, conveyancers, estate agents, property buyers and sellers, if you have any questions, please get in touch  using the contact form or call our offices on 0800 9788435.

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