testimonial Posts

Sarah D – Banbury Oxfordshire:

“23 Oct 2019”:
Very helpful and friendly company
Very helpful and friendly small company, they went out of the way to help us reduce our radon from a scary level (1500) to a safe level (around 100). It is very hard to find sensible advice on radon and the friendly team at Radon Protection UK have gone out of their way to help us manage this potentially dangerous problem with our house. We had a problem with our first fan after several years and they replaced it the next day for free. Thoroughly grateful and highly recommend them.

Chris D – Bakewell Derbyshire

“17 October 2019”
Having just moved into a Radon affected area, we thought we should get a test kit so I searched online and found Radon Protection and gave them a call. Sarah was so informative, helpful and reassuring, in fact I think her customer service skills should be used as a benchmark for all customer service departments, whatever the industry, up and down the country, she was brilliant! After receiving the kit 2 days later I had a query so I contacted Radon Protection and spoke to Sarah and once again she was most helpful and resolved my query. Thank you Sarah and Radon Protection.

RobB- South Wales

”6 August 2019”

“Absolutely first class, trouble free, service. Highly recommended.”..
We required a Radon test carried out at our expense on a property that we are considering buying which is many miles away.
After searching for a suitable Company this one appeared to be the only one that included a return envelope for the detectors in the quoted price. This made things very simple when it came to the vendors returning the detectors for analysis after the test had completed. They simply put them in the reply paid envelope and posted them.
Radon Protection UK Ltd telephoned me as soon as the analysis had been completed and emailed me the report within minutes. As I said at the beginning, absolutely first class service. I would not hesitate in recommending this Company to anyone looking for a Radon specialist.

Jack C – Craven Arms, Shropshire

“17 June 2019”
Very helpful and knowledgeable
Very, Very pleased. Radon Protection Uk came and surveyed our house and advised what options were available to us. Pleased to say radon levels are acceptable now. They are always happy to answer any queries. Would thoroughly recommend.

Nick H: Kingsthorpe Northampton

“18 Apr 2019”
Highly recommended!
I had 2 active mitigation systems installed in my house in March 2019 by Radon Protection UK after performing a 3 Month Public Health England radon test and discovering the levels of radon in my property were 4x the safe level (and 40x the safe level in our cellar).

I approached 2 different companies to discuss solutions and chose Radon Protection UK due to the company’s great pre-work consultation and discussion of solutions with me.

Andy is knowledgeable and pragmatic about approaches to Radon mitigation. We were provided with a digital radon monitor to review levels in the house on a constant basis, and the company was willing to run a number of trials to test efficacy of solutions before finalising the install.

Excellent quality parts installed with care by Andy and Lee. The result is a 90% reduction in levels in our house which is real peace of mind for us.

Great communication through the work and a good price for the peace of mind it gives.

Louise Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

“15 March 2019”

Members of staff have been extremely helpful from start to finish – prompt and full responses given during our communication emails. Great prices – chose this company due to their excellent level of customer service and excellent prices compared to others. They offered our academy various options (not just the most expensive) – they listened to what we wanted and gave suitable suggestions. Detectors arrived the day after ordering too!

Lucie H, Kington Herefordshire

“11 Feb 2019”

Professional, friendly and knowledgeable!  We had radon sumps installed by a different company but our radon level did not reduce to a safe amount. After not being able to contact this company again, Andy from Radon Protection UK came and did a survey and then returned to do work on our existing pumps. Throughout, communication from Andy and Sarah was excellent and the guys were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. When they were on site doing the work they explained exactly what they were doing throughout the day. We are still awaiting results from the re-monitoring but the noise reduction alone is great (you could hear the pumps a lot in the rooms above the basement and now you can barely hear a thing). We are very happy with the service we have experienced so far. I hope the radon level reduction is as positive!

Lauren McCall Kettering, Northants

“9 Jan 2019”

I am very pleased with the work they’ve done at my house having installed a radon sump, after we realised our levels have risen above 600 bq/m3. I was very worried, but Sarah was reassuring me she will help me and bring the levels down. She was acting very quick and was very friendly and professional working. They’ve done a great job and now measuring the levels I can’t believe the level is 0 !!!  Amazing!! Thank you very much!! I highly recommend them!