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Radon can affect buildings of any age, type or size.

If you own your home, it is your own choice whether you want to test for radon and if high levels are found, whether you want to take any remedial action.

Radon Testing in Homes:
Radon testing should be carried out within the main living areas and at least one bedroom. This is to ensure that the radon concentration within the areas that are most occupied are ascertained.

In an average-sized home, two detectors will usually be sufficient (one for a living room and one for a bedroom).

If the property is very large, has a basement or has had extensions built at different points in time, more detectors may be required to gain a full picture.

Under normal circumstances, radon testing should be carried out over a three month period. This is because radon levels fluctuate constantly and to gain an accurate result, the average over several months is required.

Radon levels vary from season to season, with the highest levels usually present during the winter months. Radon testing can be carried out at any point during the year and our testing laboratory will apply a seasonal ‘correction’ factor to take account of this.

Radon Sump Northamptonshire Installation – I highly recommend this company:

“I highly recommend this company. We received fantastic customer service. After our radon test results came back high I contacted Radon Protection UK for help. There quickly came out to assess our needs and answered all questions we had. As I was due to have a baby they quickly arranged for the work to take place. Everyone we dealt with was so helpful. We’ve just had our new test results back and levels have dropped from over 500 to around 30.”
Rebecca W, Northamptonshire. 22 March 2020.

Positive Input Ventilation Units (PIV’s)

Positive Input Ventilation units are ideally suited for domestic properties with relatively low radon levels (up to 500 becquerels. PIV’s are designed to transform the atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation free environment. The units are extremely reliable and low level noise 
The loft mounted PIV is a well tried an tested solution and also reduces the stack effect which in turn helps to prevent the radon ingress. If you would like a quote or a survey of your property, call us on 0800 978 8435.

Radon sumps and positive pressure systems.

Our team have many years of experience implementing radon mitigation methods in properties across the UK.

The only true way to know if you are in radon affected area is to purchase a radon test kit. If your property has high radon levels, we are able to successfully reduce the levels using a combination of radon sumps and positive pressure systems.

For more information visit www.radonprotectionuk.com

Radon in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Last week we were dealing with radon in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Many areas of Lincolnshire have identified as high risk areas for radioactive radon gas.

Our Engineer Lee Installed an externally rated radon fan with speed control, located at the rear of the property.

Using diamond core equipment, we created a retrospective bifurcated radon sump to influence the main house and the garage area. If you require radon testing or a survey of your property, please do get in touch on 0800 9788435 / 07900100024.

Highly Recommended:

Having just moved into a Radon affected area, we thought we should get a test kit so I searched online and found Radon Protection and gave them a call. Sarah was so informative, helpful and reassuring, in fact I think her customer service skills should be used as a benchmark for all customer service departments, whatever the industry, up and down the country, she was brilliant! After receiving the kit 2 days later I had a query so I contacted Radon Protection and spoke to Sarah and once again she was most helpful and resolved my query. Thank you Sarah and Radon Protection.

Thank you Radon protection UK:

During the process of purchasing our bungalow we were informed that as we are in a Radon area it would be sensible to carry out the necessary checks in order to ascertain if the levels of Radon required attention. Some research in the internet brought up RADON PROTECTION UK who have proved to be a simply outstanding “One Stop” solution to our requirements. From ordering the Radon detectors to the installation of the remedial measures the company could not have been more helpful and understanding. Radon can be scary to the uninitiated, but Sarah and the team ensured our concerns were addressed. The PIV installation was professional, neat and the system is both unobtrusive and quiet, providing the peace of mind and confidence that our “Radon Issue” has been professionally mitigated.

Radon Protection UK services include Radon Gas Testing, Remediation & New Build Solutions.

Suppliers of Radon Gas Testing. Offering: Radon Reduction and Radon Mitigation and Remediation. Reducing radon gas in both existing properties and New Homes.

Supply and installation of Radon Mitigation and Radon Protection systems. Offering installation of Radon reduction measures for existing homes and protective measures for new homes, our team brings a wealth of experience in reducing harmful levels of Radon gas using well proven techniques.

Based on the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire border, we are well placed to help test or solve your Radon gas related problem. Our clients include: private Home Owners, Estate Agents, Developers, Builders, Solicitors and Landlords.

Radon Protection UK’s aim is to bring about awareness of the damage and risks associated with Radon Gas. We offer all services from the supply and analysis of Radon test kits, right through to the installation of Radon mitigation systems.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work. Call 0800 978 8435.

“Radon Protection UK – Very helpful and friendly company”

Very helpful and friendly small company, they went out of the way to help us reduce our radon from a scary level (1500) to a safe level (around 100). It is very hard to find sensible advice on radon and the friendly team at Radon Protection UK have gone out of their way to help us manage this potentially dangerous problem with our house. We had a problem with our first fan after several years and they replaced it the next day for free. Thoroughly grateful and highly recommend them.
Sarah D
23 October 2019.

Buying a Property in a Radon affected Area.

Introduction: Since 2013, as part of any house sale, local council land searches have included a land search to establish if the property is in a radon affected area. As sellers you will also be asked if you have measured for radon in your home and if you have taken any action as a result. This fact sheet is to help estate agents, solicitors, landlords, homeowners and tenants, house buyers and sellers to overcome any barriers when the radon land search reveals there is radon in your property area. Local authority search Form and Sellers property information form: When buying or selling a property you will come across two forms that may disclose information about radon. These forms are known as CON 29R and TA6. These forms may be the first time a buyer or seller sees any reference to radon gas and this may be worrying. Radon Protection UK has produced this document to help understand what to do when radon becomes a subject of the buying or selling process, and aims to assist buyers and sellers through the stages required to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion. • If your property is in a radon affected area then mitigation works are likely to be required to be carried out. • Finding a solution, should one be required. (Known as radon mitigation / remediation)

Finding a solution: When radon levels are 200 Bq/m3 or above, then you should consider action to reduce your radon levels. There are two ways you can resolve any issues during the sale or purchased of a property. You can undertake remedial action prior to the sale, or consider a radon Retention (sometimes called a radon bond).

Arranging a radon bond (radon retention): If you do not wish to go through the process of remediation work, or time limits the completion of the property sale / purchase, then a radon retention may be a solution. Under this system, the seller and buyer agree on a sum of money that is likely to be enough to cover the cost of a typical radon remediation system should one be required. The money is taken out of the buyer’s purchase price and held by a third party (for example, a solicitor) until any remediation work is completed and a radon test result is known. Both parties sign a contract that stipulates how the bond will work and a period of time for the radon testing and remediation work can be set. Sometimes the money is released before the work is carried out to fund the remediation. Any testing and remediation work is paid for by the retention money. For the bond system to work, it must be fair to both parties. It must reflect reasonable but adequate costs. Radon Protection UK suggests that in most cases a figure of £1800£2500 be retained. This should be enough to cover most scenarios but advice should be taken on a suitable value for individual properties to give exact costs. The bond’s life must also be realistic, allowing – for example – at least four months from completion of house sale to obtain a radon test result. If this result is at or above the Action Level, another three months should be allowed for the completion of remediation work. If testing reveals levels below the action level, then no further action is necessary and the bond money is released back to the seller.

About Radon Protection UK: We aim to reduce radon levels as low as possible in both existing properties and new homes below 200Bq/m3. Once radon levels have been established, we provide a survey of your property prior to any works and provide a detailed quotation for the mitigation works and the cost will depend on the levels, location and property type. Our team have many years of experience implementing these methods in buildings and successfully bringing radon levels down to an acceptable level. A radon retest measurement should be conducted after completion of works to ensure radon levels have been reduced to an acceptable level, which we can also provide.

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