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Just moved into a Radon affected area?

Having just moved into a Radon affected area, we thought we should get a test kit so I searched online and found Radon Protection and gave them a call.
Sarah was so informative, helpful and reassuring, in fact I think her customer service skills should be used as a benchmark for all customer service departments, whatever the industry, up and down the country, she was brilliant!
After receiving the kit 2 days later I had a query so I contacted Radon Protection and spoke to Sarah and once again she was most helpful and resolved my query.
Thank you Sarah and Radon Protection.

Customer Reviews September 2019:

Many of our customers are thrilled by the service that we deliver and are happy to tell us. Read what some have said about us this week…

”Outstanding customer service – with explanations throughout whole procedure.
Installation clean, neat, tidy and efficient.
Old time manners of respect from an up-to-date modern firm.
Would truly recommend”.

16th Sep 2019, BonnyG – Oxfordshire:


”We are considering purchasing a new property in a radon gas area. The property has no radon gas protection. I spoke to Sarah who gave me amazing advice with regards to the different scenarios and methods of radon extraction we could consider. She also advised they at a very reasonable cost supply radon gas monitors to test the property for 3 months and then give you the results following receipt of the monitors.
What a great service. I certainly won’t be going anywhere else.”

16th Sep 2019, RobB- South Wales

We are always pleased to read what our customers say…

6 August 2019:
“Absolutely first class, trouble free, service. Highly recommended.”..
We required a Radon test carried out at our expense on a property that we are considering buying which is many miles away.
After searching for a suitable Company this one appeared to be the only one that included a return envelope for the detectors in the quoted price. This made things very simple when it came to the vendors returning the detectors for analysis after the test had completed. They simply put them in the reply paid envelope and posted them.
Radon Protection UK Ltd telephoned me as soon as the analysis had been completed and emailed me the report within minutes. As I said at the beginning, absolutely first class service. I would not hesitate in recommending this Company to anyone looking for a Radon specialist.
R. Hudson

Radon Sumps:

Radon enters a building primarily by airflow from the underlying ground. Protection measures for reducing levels inside workplaces vary depending upon the severity of the problem and the type of building construction.

New buildings can be protected during construction by installing a ‘radon proof’ barrier/ membrane within the floor structure and, in areas with a greater radon potential, provision of a ventilated sub-floor void or a ‘radon sump’.

A radon sump is a small, bucket sized, cavity under the floor with an electric pump drawing air from it. This reduces the normal under floor pressure with respect to radon in the soil and vents the radon gas outside the building where it quickly dissipates.

In existing buildings, it is not possible to provide a radon proof barrier and so alternative reduction measures are used depending upon the radon level. Such measures include improved under floor and indoor ventilation in the area, sealing large gaps in floors and walls in contact with the ground, positive ventilation of occupied areas, and installation of radon sumps and extraction pipework.

If it is necessary to reduce radon levels by engineered means, the employer should ensure that the radon levels in the area are re-measured immediately after installation in order to verify its effectiveness


Radon Sump Desborough and Radon in Northamptonshire

Yesterday our Engineer Lee was at a property in Desborough with elevated levels of radon gas.

Radon is more prevalent in some areas of the country than others and Northamptonshire, with its porous soil, has high levels of the gas emitted into the atmosphere.
If your radon test result is at, or above the UK Action Level of 200 Bq m-3, we are happy to carry out a survey of your property and provide the necessary remedial work to reduce your radon levels in your home as low as possible.

Banbury Radon Sump:

Last week we attended a property in Banbury to carry out remediation works.
Many residents in the Banbury area are being exposed to high levels of radon gas.
Radon Protection UK A radon sump is a popular and effective choice when it comes to radon level reduction and is the ideal choice for situations where there are high radon concentrations. A void is created beneath the building which effectively becomes the lowest point of pressure. This means that any gas in the soil will be drawn to it.
If your property has elevated levels of radon, our engineer will visit your home and carry out a survey and explain all the options available. Call Radon Protection on: 0800 978 8435.


Brixworth Northamptonshire is an area affected by Radon.

Northamptonshire is an area affected by #radon.

Friday we were at a property in Brixworth installing an externally rated radon extraction fan and pipework to actively upgrade their existing sump.

Check your levels of radon in your home and order a test kit for just £39. Call: 0800 978 8435 or email us at: info@radonprotectionuk.com.
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Radon in Rutland and Radon in Northamptonshire…


Are you buying a property or living in either Rutland / Northants / Leicestershire or Oxfordshire?
These are 4 major areas of high radon potential associated with the Jurassic escarpment that runs diagonally across Northamptonshire from south-west to north-east.
Please see the map we have provided here. Two of these high-radon areas are predominantly rural, one situated around the borders of the county with neighbouring Oxfordshire and Warwickshire in the south-west, and the other around the county borders with Rutland, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire in the north-east.
A third, largely urban, high-radon area encompasses much of the town of Northampton itself, with outliers around Wellingborough and Kettering to the east and Brixworth to the north.
If you are worried about #radon and want to test your property, please call us on 0800 978 8435 Monday – Saturday 9am-6pm.
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